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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Just Call Me "Switzerland"!

My Political Views
I am a centrist social moderate
Left: 0.08, Libertarian: 0.55

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More for my own edification than anyone else's. I was quite surprised to see how moderate I was. Scrubone is updating the political compass for NZ Bloggers here.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Jim Anderton for Chch mayor??

David over at Kiwiblog raises the spectre of Jim Anderton running for mayor of Christchurch.

Christchurch City has, for some considerable time, been a Labour hotbed. We’ve had a consistent range of good Labour candidates (Brendon Burns being the possible exception riding in on the coat tails of his predecessor) along with an inner city population that is either apathetic of strongly idealistic.
This seems to translate to local government as well. The “on the ground” party machine kicks into gear as well for local body politics as for central. Their campaigning is superb. The grass roots organisation of 2021 (read local union and Labour party) is effective. The only aberration in recent times has been the election of Bob Parker.

Whilst Jim is a living breathing anachronism, it is this campaigning machine to be feared. And rightly so.
Whether or not one agrees with his politics (and I, for one, don’t), it doesn’t take away the fact that the campaigners and strategists can use Jim as a talisman. He has a long record of public service – especially for his electorate which is swayed by sympathy and a “he’s always been there” attitude election after election (being and electorate MP also gives credence to any claim). He is consistent in attitude and approach – an excellent quality in any dictator and has extremely high visibility and integrity (well, the socialist version of integrity perhaps).

The smooth, debonair ex – TV star? Or the grizzled, hardbitten man of the earth who speaks his mind (and others too, if you get offside with him) and has had 40 years of service to his people and his country?

A publicist’s dream.

Not good.

Having met Jim I can testify he engages well. So he should after 40-odd years of meet and greets. Don’t write this bloke off. I think he would be a terrible mayor that would see Christchurch regress to the 1960’s rather than looking forward to the 2060’s. However, his claim is strong and it will need a mighty effort from other quarters to unseat him should he get a toe hold.