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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The First Post

I am a blogging noobie.

I am going to make mistakes.

I am neither particularly technoligcal by nature nor particularly expositional.

Well the last part is bollocks otherwise I wouldn't be doing this at all.

Inspired by others, such as Chris Trotter from Bowalley Rd, David Farrar from Kiwiblog, Cactus Kate from........well...Cactus Kate, I thought perhaps another more centrist approach to comment (especially social and political) may be warranted.

Actually whether it's warranted or not, I don't care, I'm going to publish it anyway. It is your choice whether or not to notice, read, comment if you deign to and, if its not to much to ask, provoke some thought from time to time.
This probably sounds quite "uppidy" and pretentious however, once again, I don't care.

Please treat anyone who perhaps comments with respect. If you feel that someone has grossly offended or maligned you in some way, please contact me to discuss. I can only promise to give you a fair hearing and any judgement, punishment meted out and/or subsquent comment is mine alone based on my idea of whats right and wrong.

This doesn't mean that anyone has to agree. In fact, hopefully people who don't agree by nature will feel free to come here to yak, comment and discuss. This means people from all ends of society, the political spectrum and every facet of todays world are welcome. If you have an opinion. please feel free to express it.
If you are here to troll, victimise, hound or otherwise make yourself disagreeable, the bugger off.

So, after all this load of bollocks, welcome to The Home Office.

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