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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Timing is Everything

This in Stuff this morning: Farmer Levy May Double


At a time when sheep and beef farmers are doing so well, Meat and Wool New Zealand are asking the cockies if the can double their levies - not just increase - double! Good thinking Meat and Wool. And from a sector that has experienced rapid growt..........grow.......um...has experienced record prices over the las..............la........well........yes. Sure I can see you reasoning, expanding your service especially in the economic services.

"Information from the economic service could also help Meat & Wool better perform the industry leadership role many farmers asked it to take on. "We've probably been over-emphasising the consultative nature of our organisation and we're seeing increasingly from farmers they want us to stand up and talk about what's good for the industry in far stronger terms than we have in the past."

Yeah? Well you've picked an interesting time in the global economic cycle to start.

After all, timing is everything in Meat and Wool.

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