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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Poor old Rod

I see Rod Petrecivic has had his 2005 911 Black Porsche finally sold after it being seized by court bailiffs last year in the aftermath of the Bridgecorp collapse.

I feel greatly for Rod. I once drove a 911 Porsche (actually Rod, I think mine was a later model than yours) and it was stunning! I'm more a "corrolla" or "legacy" sorta guy by circumstance rather than choice so driving something that powerful and cool was a treat.

Like all kiwi males born on the farm, not only am I confident that I could drive just about anything with three wheels or more, I am confident that I could drive them in ways that would make Colin Giltrap ring me (if he knew me, that is) and say, "Mate, we're not doing so well in the A1GP this year. D'ya think you could come, drive and get us back on track?"

So to say that I understood the Porsche, would be spot on. And, I like to think, the Porsche understood me. After all, we are so similar. Great styling, superb handling and balance, well engineered and a roar on ignition to make the hairs at the back of your neck stand up just to get a better view.

And perhaps Rod, me old mate, perhaps thats where you and I are different. Me, with the spirit and verve akin to a 4.2 litre, turbocharged, quad camm beast under the bonnet. And you with the prospect of a 6 x 9 enclosure for a significant period of time.

So as I said, I feel for Rod a wee bit. He may have glimpsed what a car like that is about but he's not going to be able to drive one for a long, long time. Mind you Rod, I guess you'll rest easy in your cell, knowing your wife can.

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